Our Class Schedule

Dojang Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
6 – 7 PM All Students Kids/Parents (ALSO ON ZOOM) 6 – 7 PM All Students Kids/Parents (ALSO ON ZOOM)  5:30-6 PM TKD TIGERS       (age 4-6)   9:30 – 10:30 AM                     Jr. & Sr. Black Belts and Adult color belt Students
7 – 8 PM All ranks Adults & RED BELT & ABOVE (ALSO ON ZOOM)  7-8 PM Red Belt and Above (ALSO ON ZOOM)  6 – 7 PM All Students Kids/Parents
 7-8 PM High Belts and All Adults 
  • Students who pay by the month may come to 4 classes per week.
  • Remember to check our website for daily dojang news and upcoming events
  • Make sure you’re on our Dojang Contact List (email) so you will know of sudden changes and class location updates.
  • Please call (215)479-3440 or email cashatttkd@gmail.com with questions or to get ZOOM ID numbers.
  • Remember to freeze your membership for vacations by alerting us before the time comes.
  • In the case of bad weather, check our website, email us, or call (215)479-3440 to check if classes are cancelled.

Students may also take one of our 12 online classes at any time of day or night located on our website.  Text or email Master Cashatt the “Secret Word” to get a Class Credit!  

Parents may train with their children in any of the “Kids” classes. Please remember to call to freeze membership for vacations.