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Our online classes are up for all our students.

You can access them below.

Online Classes

As we all work through the new challenges facing us with the virus outbreak and the need to “keep our distance” we’re offering an online alternative until we can all get back together.  These are designed for our monthly students and those who purchase classes.  You can purchase tickets or monthly passes online by going here.  Each class will have a word which you can text to (215)479-3440 or email us at   for a class credit towards your advancement and testing. 

As we all work through the current crisis impacting our lives, we’re doing everything we can to ensure that you can continue your training as much as possible.  We’ve been creating videos for current students to follow along. You can also schedule private lessons through Facetime by using the button below.   You may contact Mark Cashatt directly by calling or texting (215)479-3440 or emailing  Thank you for your support.

Facetime Lessons


Week of March 20, 2020

Class #1

Class #2

Class #3

Week of March 23, 2020

Class #4

Class #5