This month’s DOJANG TOWN MEETING is Thursday, September 13.  Starting at 5:55 pm, Master Cashatt gives a brief orientation for new students and parents – and reminds students of upcoming events.  It is also a chance to voice questions, ideas or suggestions.  15 minutes in length.

September, 2018 Newsletter





Taekwon students, parents and friends,

The end of August and the Labor Day Holiday brings us the time of year when we have to get back to a tighter routine.  For the kids, it’s time to start again.  It’s a new school year.  New teacher(s), new friends, old friends and a brand new look at the months to come is what is in store for them.  Summer gives our kids a certain kind of freedom living with the warm weather activities.  Perhaps sleeping in and staying up later at night has to come to somewhat of an end as we make sure they get enough sleep for their days in school.  New clothes, new books and new pencils are also a part of things we must gather to give our kids a good start.

Starting something new can be quite routine for some folks but for many more we tend to stick with “same old same old” just cause it feels comfortable and we know what to expect.  The kids are thrust into newness every September.  I think in the long run generally it is good.  I was talking with relatives lately at a reunion and some were saying how they’d rather be left alone and not have to start new things and deal with other folks.  Some would rather stay home than go out and put themselves in an environment that is uncertain.  Some like to keep to themselves.  Many times I like to be alone myself.  I believe inside me I feel comfortable when I’m alone because I don’t have to worry about anyone else. I don’t have to worry about hurting others feelings or dealing with folks in my way or confrontations in general.  After a few nights to think about our family reunion conversations, I came to the realization that although I’d rather be alone, I tend to thrust myself out there because I want to grow.  I want to “practice” how to deal with others.  I want to learn how to respond productively and I want to help as many people as I can.

Years ago I had a conversation with one of my teachers about how I like to see how I can help others and he said, “How do you know they want your help?”  “What if they don’t want your help”.   That led me to think he might be correct.  Why would I think that I can help them?  What if what I do doesn’t help but make it worse.  Then after many more hours of pondering I came to realize that when I try to help others, it really does help me to be a better person.

So since then I really do put myself out there.  I seem to gravitate towards situations where things could and do really happen and I feel much fulfillment from it.  And when I think back to those days before the “first day of school”, I really felt uneasy.  Many times I was downright scared but of course there wasn’t anything I could do about it but go through with it.

Advice we give to our kids leading up to the first day of school is important.  We must all really work on our communication with our children.  They are growing up in a much different world than most of us when we were growing up.

The Philosophies of Taekwon-Do can really help our kids.  #1 Be willing to go where the going is tough is exactly what they are doing.  #2 Be gentle to the weak and tough to the strong can help our classmates who are shy and withdrawn and give us moral strength against the bullies of today. #3 Be content with what you have in money and position but never in skills.  This is a wonderful reason why we must do well in school in the first place.  When we increase our skills, we can only expect to do better in position and income.  The more we know the more we can do.  A well rounded education prepares us for when we get out in the world. #4 Always finish what you begin whether big or small.  This we have talked about in class since day 1, knowing the experience of taking classes lead to promotions to a higher rank or belt.  We should not give up when learning something difficult.

In this article I covered the first 4 points of Taekwon-Do philosophy.  The 5 other points will be covered in an article in the future, but it just seemed these first four really pertained to our kids going back to school.

As adults and with the summer coming to end, this means we can get back to our tighter routines and get things started and/or accomplished.  It is a great time to secure your Taekwon-Do training into your weekly schedules and the cooler temperatures will most definitely help our efforts.  Anyways, I personally am not quite ready for another winter.

Respectfully submitted,

Mark Cashatt




            We are looking for students GREEN BELT and above who would like to be on our demo team.  We will start training September 10 from 7-8 pm and continue every Monday until November 5.  We will put a performance on Wednesday, Nov. 7 at our dojang’s 30th Birthday Party and again that following weekend, Saturday, Nov. 10 at the opening ceremonies of our 2018 TUL JON-SA (Pattern Competition).

Please talk to Master Cashatt about joining the team and please sign up on the dojang wall.





            Once a week at our dojang students usually have the opportunity to break plastic re-breakable boards.  We usually try a different technique each week.  Breaking boards shows the students they are doing the correct technique. Breaking boards also gets students over the phobia of possible pain.  The thing is the student has to use speed and aim to break the board.  If they don’t do the technique fast enough, the board will not break and it usually hurts.  If the student does use enough speed, the board will break and there will be little or no pain.  Through repetition, the student will get use to breaking.  The weapons we use must be prepared by hitting the bags as hard as possible.  This is called dallyon: maintenance of our weapons.  Students have to break boards to earn the YELLOW BELT, the GREEN BELT and for all levels of BLACK BELT.

Usually at the beginning of the mentoring cycle for any upcoming Black Belt test we have an opportunity for all students to break real wood boards.  What’s the difference?  In some ways wood boards are easier and in other ways plastic boards are easier.  With plastic boards, aim is important.  If the student does not hit on the crease in the middle of the board, most times it will not break.  If a student hits anywhere on a wood board with enough speed, it will break.  However the phobia of breaking a real board might be a little more intense than plastic.

On Thursday, September 13, students will have the opportunity to attempt two different breaks with wood boards.  All students preparing for Black Belt ranks should practice with wood boards as much as possible.  Color belt students can get the same benefit.  A whole board costs $3 each and a half board costs $1.50 each.  All students who wish to break wood boards must sign up on the dojang wall before the end of Wednesday, September 12 or they won’t get the chance.  Students can pay for the boards after they are broken.  If a student or parent doesn’t know what to try, ask one of the instructors for advice.

Another reason for breaking wood boards is to set a dojang record.  Our dojang records are listed to the far right of the mirrors on the front wall of the dojang.  If a student is trying to set a new technique record or attempting to break an old record, they will be allowed 3 tries.  This would also be the time for Black Belts to get ready for our dojang’s 30th Birthday Party demonstration which will be Nov. 7th.  We ask any and all Black Belts to come up with a specialty break to show at the birthday demo.  Please talk to Master Cashatt with any questions.





Every month Master Cashatt chooses a youth gup (color belt) who has shown outstanding characteristics in class.  Every student has a chance to be named once in their gup life.  In April every year Master Cashatt names the dojang’s youth “OUTSTANDING STUDENT OF THE YEAR” from the youth roster of the dojang.  This promotes a constant reminder for the kids to do their best!  This month Master Cashatt has chosen:




Betsy started almost 2 years ago as one of our TKD TIGERS at the age of 4.  This past June she joined the regular class and has since earned her yellow stripe.  Betsy faces challenges with enthusiasm and a smile.  She takes pride in her techniques and listens very well to corrections.  Let’s congratulate Betsy and the Musselman family!





            On Wednesday, September 19 from 6-  7 pm we will have a DOJANG OPEN HOUSE to start off the new school year.  All parents, friends and relatives are invited to observe and/or  take part.  All the students will be part of a little demonstration to start the OPEN HOUSE.  We will the coordinate the OPEN HOUSE with a “BUDDY NIGHT” to  give our students a chance to introduce Taekwon-Do to their new and old school friends.  Our “word of mouth” about the dojang is the most reliable tool to bring in new students, who better than the friends of our present students.  This gives our students even more fun to train with their friends and those friends have a bigger incentive because of the experience of the students that bring them in!

We have a special incentive prize this BUDDY NIGHT!  For every “buddy” a student brings (who hasn’t experienced our dojang before) a raffle ticket will be submitted in the student’s name.  Towards the end of the OPEN HOUSE a ticket will be drawn and the winner will get a $30 gift certificate for GAMESTOP!  There are plenty of wonderful items to choose at GAMESTOP to give our students a bit of fun.

Please pick up an invitation at the reception counter to give to any and all “buddies” so their parents know what’s going on.



Dan-Gun is the legendary founder of Korea and history believes his birthday to be Oct. 3, 2333 BC.  DAN-GUN is also a Taekwon-Do pattern learned at yellow belt level.  Ever since the year 1990, our dojang has held a celebration and competition for DAN-GUN DAY.  This year October 3 is on the Wednesday that Master Cashatt must travel to his daughter’s destination wedding.  This year we will have the event on Monday Oct. 1 starting at 6 pm.

The celebration includes the acting out of the legendary story of DAN-GUN followed by competition to find the year’s DAN-GUN champions.  Students who can compete must be yellow belt through Black Stripe.  Black Belts cannot compete.  Black Belts are the judges.

There are four categories: adult division (age 20 and above), teenage (age 13-19), youth boy (age 12 and under) and youth girl (age 12 and under).  It usually works out that students on their way to Black Belt will get to compete in at least two Dan-Gun Days because this celebration is held only once a year, around October 3.

After the competition we have a bit of a feast featuring food people might eat in Korea.  Families are invited to bring treats also.

The event will start at 6 PM,  no regular class.  The 7 pm adult class (and demo team) will be cancelled that night.  All students (including white belts) and their families are invited and encouraged to come.  This is a free event that helps the unity and friendships of our dojang.

Please sign up on the dojang wall if you plan on attending and list what you might bring as a treat, but it is not necessary to bring a treat.




SEPT. 10…WARRIOR DEMO TEAM practice begins from 7-8 pm

SEPT. 13…DOJANG TOWN MEETING starts at 5:55 pm (student/parent orientation)

SEPT. 13…WOOD BOARD BREAKING from 6-7 pm (students must sign up)


SEPT. 20…GUP TEST starts at 6 pm.

SEPT. 27-30..UATW (Ultimate Adult Taekwon-Do Weekend) for all students age 21 and above hosted by our dojang at Camp Oak Hill in Nottingham, PA.




NOV. 10…2018 TUL JON-SA (pattern competition)