This month’s DOJANG TOWN MEETING is Wednesday, Nov. 14th.  Starting at 5:55 pm, Master Cashatt gives a brief orientation for new students and parents- and reminds students of upcoming events.  It is also a chance to voice questions, ideas or suggestions.  15 minutes in length.


2018 TUL JON-SA (Pattern Competition) NOV. 10 at our dojang!

Within our patterns, we have all the techniques and methods needed to become better at sparring and board breaking.  The patterns of General Choi’s Taekwon-Do are unrivaled in power and beauty.  Patterns can be done alone which makes them the ultimate learning tool.

Now we have a contest to give our students and fellow Taekwon-Do members from affiliated dojangs to see how we do under a little pressure of competition.  We are calling it, the 2018 TUL JON-SA, which in the Korean language translates as “Pattern Champion”.

Sure it’s easier to pass and not compete.   There are a million excuses, if not more.  On Saturday, November 10th you will have a chance to gamble for the benefit of your own training.  It is not much of a gamble- just an entry fee and a test of courage to prepare.  I’m sure none of us would be terribly upset if we didn’t get 1st place, but the value of effort put forth preparing will take our students to the next level in their training.  Normal Taekwon-Do tournaments usually have sparring and patterns.  The pattern competition isn’t as detailed as the TUL JON-SA.  Students will end up performing at least 4 patterns during the competition.  Those that make it close to the top could perform 10 patterns or more.  In other words, the competition will provide an excellent opportunity for students to show their technique…as the destination or goal, but the practice leading up to November 4th will be the true advancement ground.

We will first split all competitors into rank and age.  The four big divisions are white belt to green stripe; green belt to black stripe; 1st DAN to 3rd DAN; and 4th DAN and above.  Then within these divisions, we will have age groups.  All the information is hanging on the dojang wall and you can also access it from our website homepage.

Two competitors from each division and age group will stand side by side and first perform a pattern chosen by the judges.  Then the competitors will be asked to perform a pattern of their choice.  Their choice must come from the three highest-ranking patterns that the competitor knows.

The judges will then pick a winner to move on in the bracket.  The competitor who does not win will be put into a different part of the bracket, which will enable them to win their way up to the top.  Once a competitor loses two matches, he or she is eliminated from the competition.  In each age group of each division, we will award 1st, 2nd and 3rd place medals.  Then those who get 1st place in their age group will compete to see who does the best in their division.  Then the division winners will compete to find the “TUL JON-SA” or Pattern Champion in each of two divisions  – One champion from the GUP DIVISION and one champion from the BLACK BELT DIVISION. Each champion goes home with a 38-inch tall trophy.

The doors open at 9 am and competition will start at 10 am after opening ceremonies.  Color belts will go first so our youngest children do not have to wait around.  We will award the GUP DIVISION CHAMPION before we start with the BLACK BELTS!  Refreshments will be sold.  Student competitors should invite their families and friends.

Students who plan to compete should register by Saturday, Nov. 3 to save $10 off the admission fee.  Ask the receptionist for a registration form.  To compete it costs $30 (if registered by Nov. 3).  Each additional family member competitor is $25.  The day of the competition the cost will be $40 and $35 for each additional family member competitor.





 One of the most important annual events of our dojang is the night we take our “official dojang picture” for that year.  As you can see on the walls of our dojang reception area, these group pictures date back to 1988 at the first dojang in the attic of Master Cashatt’s apartment on Hillside Avenue in Souderton with his first 5 students!  As a student of our dojang, your own personal history can be represented in these pictures.  As each year goes by, you remember the folks of the dojang in the past and on November 7, 2018  you will be a part of the group of students who are presently training at our dojang.                                                                                                       –


This same night we will be celebrating our dojang’s 30th anniversary after opening Nov. 7, 1988 on Hillside Ave. in Souderton.  The evening starts at 6 pm. We will have a special Taekwon-Do demonstration along with refreshments and picture and video presentations.  All of our past students are invited as well!

At 7 we will line up all present students along the formal front wall according to height, and from there the seating for the picture will take shape for our 2018 DOJANG GROUP PICTURE.  All parents are invited to take pictures and are encouraged just in case the official dojang camera’s picture doesn’t turn out.   We will invite all past students to join in the picture flanking the two sides of the present students.

It is important for each student to try to be in the picture so that you can see the past pictures year after year.  It is also important for the dojang itself and Master Cashatt to have you in the picture because then the pictures will represent this point in time when you trained in Taekwon-Do.  You are what makes the dojang.   Each one of us contributes to the atmosphere of the dojang and each one of us counts.

If you would like to bring a treat, please list it on the signup sheet on the wall of the dojang.




              Everything bought or ordered and paid for during this week will be 10% less than usual prices!  This is the perfect time to order sparring gear and a uniform!  The dojang will have Holiday Shopping Catalogs available at the beginning of November for gift ideas for your martial artist.

AWMA, which stands for Asian World of Martial Arts, is the company from Philadelphia that we like to use.  AWMA does have their website ( to look over their stock, but if you order it from the dojang between Nov. 12-17, we will take 10% off plus you won’t have to pay for shipping and handling!  The sparring gear combo that we can get from AWMA ($115 plus tax includes more than a 10% discount) includes headgear, punches, kicks, mesh bag, mouthpiece and mouthpiece case.  Plus if you just want the punches, kicks and headgear, with your 10% off, that would be $93 plus tax!  The dojang will have an order slip accompanying the gift catalogs in the beginning of November so when ordering, it’s most important to know the shoe size and color and Master Cashatt can figure everything else out…. Our official dojang uniforms are $49.99 plus tax but during the week Nov. 12-17, we give almost $5 off!  ITF dobuks are not included in the Holiday sale.


Once a year we have what we call the “TKD Marketplace”.  Over the years the dojang received many donations of old uniforms and gear and this is the event where we lay it all out on tables and sell items for a buck or two.  All the money raised from TKD Marketplace goes towards the WILLIAM CLARKE MEMORIAL FUND which finances the ESSAY CONTEST for a free trip to our TKD summer camp.  Every June students can earn a free trip to camp for writing an essay.





Every month Master Cashatt chooses a youth gup (color belt) who has shown outstanding characteristics in class.  Every student has a chance to be named once in their gup life.  In April every year Master Cashatt names the dojang’s youth “OUTSTANDING STUDENT OF THE YEAR” from the youth roster of the dojang.  This promotes a constant reminder for the kids to do their best!  This month Master Cashatt has chosen:

JACOB KLECKNER                                       

 Jacob has been training at our dojang for 11 months now and has been preparing for his Yellow Belt.  Jacob earned this award from his perseverance, continuing to train and work on his skills.  It isn’t easy for Jacob but he shows the dedication to become an awesome Black Belt in the not too distant future.




            On Friday, November 23, the day after Thanksgiving, we will have a special Taekwon-Do Skills Camp from 9 am to 3 pm.  Excellent timing too for those Black Friday Sales going on during this historic day of shopping (without the kids!)

Students should wear dobuks and sneakers along with sparring gear, water bottle and a lunch with their favorite drink.  The day will be filled with good training working on skills for advancement as well as working on their perseverance and pride in their efforts.

Participants can arrive just before 9 am and be picked up at 3 pm or shortly after.  It will cost $60 for first family member and $40 for each additional family member.  Please signup as soon as you know so we can plan!!



            Since December of 1988 we have held a Holiday banquet to celebrate the season with friends.  All students age 18 or over, all the parents of students, and old dojang friends are invited.

We need to know by the deadline of December 1st whether you plan on attending our banquet on Saturday, December 8th.   We are holding the banquet at the dojang this year!!  Doors open at 6 PM for a 30-minute cocktail hour.  We have a wonderful buffet, which starts at 6:30 followed by our gift table and dancing until 10 PM.

It has always been an unbelievable night of fun with all our wonderful friends of TKD.  Please come and help be a part of it.  The memories and excitement will last you through 2018!

The cost of $25 per person includes a buffet and a recorded soundtrack for dancing.  Please give your favorite dance songs that you think should be included.  We should be able to take requests that night as well.  Bring your own favorite beverage!  Water will be served for dinner.  It’s an ugly sweater event, or however you would like to dress, and if you bring a wrapped gift, you get a wrapped gift!  Make gifts nice or funny.   See Master Cashatt with any questions.  Please sign up on the dojang wall if you plan on attending.


NOV. 7….2018 DOJANG GROUP PICTURE taken at 7 pm- also our dojang’s 30th anniversary!  Don’t miss it 6-7:30 pm

NOV. 10…2018 TUL JON-SA (Pattern Competition) starts at 10 am (our dojang)

NOV. 12-17…10% OFF Holiday Shopping Week at the dojang!

NOV. 14..DOJANG TOWN MEETING starts at 5:55 pm.

NOV. 17…BLACK BELT TEST starts at 1 pm.

NOV. 20…BASIX CLASS from 6-7 pm featuring “using your senses”

NOV. 21…TURKEY DAY EVE 500 we’ll do 500 kicks in each class!


NOV. 23…FRIDAY TKD SKILLS CAMP from 9 am to 3 pm at our dojang