This month’s DOJANG TOWN MEETING is Thursday, January 10.  Starting at 5:55 pm, Master Cashatt gives a brief orientation for new students and parents- and reminds students of upcoming events.  It is also a chance to voice questions, ideas or suggestions.  15 minutes in length.


Dear students and friends,

Each and every time a new year starts, it is a new chance to make a new history!  It’s just another day…January 1st.  It’s a day of football, pork and sour kraut for many.  Many folks say they never set New Year’s resolutions because they never follow through.  One thing we’ve learned in our TKD training is how to follow through.

The days leading up to the start of the new year sometimes finds us reflecting on what happened, what made memorable history in the past year.  Many times that includes thinking about last year’s resolution that you might not have followed through….well here comes another chance.

Life is so sacred and special. Some of us live like we’re going to be here forever and others live like there is no tomorrow.  Many of us are somewhere in between but the bottom line is we each have that new chance to make this brand new year the best ever.  It has a lot to do with what actually happens to you, but even more it depends on how you react to what happens.  Courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit are just 5 reminders of how to handle situations.  Experience getting out there in the real world and taking educated chances will ensure steady growth in a positive direction.  The Black Belt attitude is one that doesn’t give up when something is worthwhile.  Life continues everyday and if we can continue to keep a positive and productive attitude instead of a negative and hopeless attitude, we will live and lead a happy life.  Hopeless is the key word there.  Or should I say Hope is the key word.  The Black Belt attitude is one that has faith in one’s ability to see things through and make the best of every situation.

So what are your plans for 2019.  You expect me to say, “practice more Taekwon-Do” and I will say that; however I know you are all practicing 24 hours a day with the mental side of our art, becoming a better person inside…and we all hope to get a lot more physical workouts this year as well!

Respectfully submitted,  Mark Cashatt


2019 PATTERN SEMINAR for 2nd to 8th DAN’s

                We are starting the year off with an awesome opportunity for our 2nd Degree up through 8th Degree students.  Master Cashatt will be leading an intense pattern seminar on Saturday, January 5 starting at 9 am with the 6th DANs and the highest pattern, Tong-il.  Participants will spend 20 minutes on each pattern, progressing backwards.  5th DAN Patterns start at 9:40 am.  4th DAN Patterns start at 10:20 am.  A schedule has been created and participants can see what time they should arrive for their test patterns and each one lower until we finish all the 2nd DAN patterns.

This is a very aggressive and challenging way of our pattern practice.  In a normal hour class we might get to do each pattern once.  And if we repeat patterns we could not get through all of them in just an hour’s time.  One of the goals to present the participant with opportunity to do each pattern at least 3 times with detailed instruction for each.

Students can arrive for their patterns and below and pay $15 per hour or $60 for the entire day.  The seminar should end around 2:30 pm.  A 30 minute (bring your own) lunch period will happen at noon.

Please contact Master Cashatt with any questions.  Pick up a registration at the dojang or download one at



               Saturday, January 26 we will be hosting a PATTERN SEMINAR at our dojang for white belts all the way up to highest Black Belt.  The topic will be the Taekwon-Do Patterns Chon-ji through Ge-Baek.  This will include saju-jirugi and saju-maki.  We will have the opportunity to perform each pattern at least 3 times with instruction for each pattern.  With this seminar, participants arrive to train starting at 9 am.  Once a participants test pattern(s) have been covered the participant is dismissed.  Students can pay $15 per hour or $45 for the entire day which will end around 12:30 pm.  We plan on going to Marconi’s Pizza Pub in Hatfield for lunch in case you would like to join us.

Please contact Master Cashatt with any questions.  Pick up a registration at the dojang or download one at



                On Sunday, January 13, 2019 there will be a Taekwon-Do tournament at Harleysville’s Indian Valley YMCA.  Doors open at 9 am for a start time of 10 am.  The tournament is hosted by North Penn TKD lead by 6th DAN Gene Nederostek and 6th DAN Bhavesh Gohel.  This is a very safe and fun tournament with area dojangs who attend our April tournament. On top of creating an opportunity for participants to test their PATTERN performance and SPARRING skills, they get to do it for an entry fee of only $25.   Most tournaments are $40 or more to compete!                                         Let’s support the North Penn Taekwon-Do Tournament.  Please sign up on the dojang wall if you are planning on participating.



On Friday, January 25th parents can drop their children off at the dojang and have a date night! From 6 to 9:30 pm we will be having our LIGHT SABER TRAINING NIGHT!  Participants will learn LIGHT SABER ROUTINE(s).   This night is not just for our children students.  Teens and adults are invited to attend.   It costs $30 per person, $25 for each additional family member which includes light saber training, pizza, snacks and a movie.  Participants should bring their own LIGHT SABERS and participants are encouraged to wear a STAR WARS-like costume.

6th DAN Mr. Mike Louie, who has two dojangs farther west in Pennsylvania will be conducting the light saber training.  We will watch a STAR WARS movie as voted on by all participants!  When a student registers, they must give their personal favorite STAR WARS nomination.

Parents should pick up their children no later than 9:30 pm.  Students can invite one friend.

Having events such as this one allows our younger students to have more social interaction with the other students who are also trying to do their best to observe the five tenets at all times.  This atmosphere allows positive teamwork vibes where good friendships can flourish.

All participants for the “Light Saber Night” must be registered by Wednesday, January 23, 2019.  Call 215-721-1839 or email to register or sign up on the bulletin board at the dojang.   Remember to include the STAR WARS movie of your choice.



                You may have received a special HOLIDAY GIFT from Master Cashatt.   This is a well thought out gift from our dojang to you.  The ultimate way of learning is one-on-one.  When a student has the undivided attention of an instructor, much progress can be made.  The simplest errors can be corrected so that there is time to look at the little things that make our art so beautifully powerful and inspiring to watch.

This is also a time for one-on-one talks, student to instructor, fellow artist to fellow artist, junior to senior.  It is difficult in the group classes to key in so much on one student.  The instructor’s attention must be spread evenly as best as possible.  Many questions can get answered in a group which enables everyone to chime in.  Lots of general questions get answered.  But a private lesson leads to personal corrections directly to the student.

Master Cashatt gives private lesson throughout the day and Saturday mornings so talk to him ASAP to get your lesson scheduled.  You may find it something you want to do periodically to improve your level of performance.




               It’s time for the Taekwon-Do competition between the three dojang clans: Korguryo, Baek-Je and Silla.  This a competition exclusively for our dojang’s students.   In these clan championships, Baek- Je has won 3 times, Korguryo has won 3 times and Silla has won 2 times including last year.  Will they be the champions once again this year?

Participants can compete with their individual test pattern.  1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place medals will be given out in each age division.  Then all the first place winners go against each other to determine the “Best of the Best” for Individual Patterns.  Last year it was 5th DAN Ricky Hollenbach.

The next competition of the day would be NOOWO, alias the GROUND PATTERN.  Participants are separated into 3 or 4 age groups.  Medals for 1st to 4th again.  All first place winners compete against each other to determine the “Best of the Best” for NOOWO!  Last year 5th DAN Ricky Hollenbach earned that title as well.

Next is the Flying High Kick, alias the double action snap kick.  Participants are separated into 4 groups according to height.  Once again 1st to 4th place medals and the student who kicks the highest gets the “Best of the Best” for Flying High Kick.  Last year it was Peyton Weaver at a jump of 83 inches!

Last is Sparring.  Participants are separated according to weight, age and rank.  Medals given out once again along with the winners of 7 divisions get a CHAMPIONSHIP SPARRING BELT to take home.  Every year the winner from the previous year brings the legendary belt back to be won once again.

Students can compete in one, two, three or all the events.

Now, how does a clan win?  For each 1st place a participant earns, their clan gets 5 points.  2nd Place earns 4 points.  3rd earns 3 points and 4th gets one point for their clan.  Every clan member, every student contributes to their clan’s total so participation is crucial.

All students should compete in this inner school competition.  Lots of dojang spirit is shown at these championships.  The students understand the value of competition as something to push oneself and then to feel proud and inspired by all the other students, win or lose.

Please put Saturday, Feb. 10 on your calendar and compete for your clan’s championship!  It will be a good day to work on courage, handling a little bit of stress and good sportsmanship.


            Every month Master Cashatt chooses a youth gup (color belt) who has shown outstanding characteristics in class.  Every student has a chance to be named once in their gup life.  In April every year Master Cashatt names the dojang’s youth “OUTSTANDING STUDENT OF THE YEAR” from the youth roster of the dojang.  This promotes a constant reminder for the kids to do their best!  This month Master Cashatt has chosen:


Terese has been training at our dojang since August coming to us from another dojang in another state. Terese is always ready to answer a trivia question or to give her opinion about our Master’s Password.  She puts 100% effort in to her techniques and she is friendly and helpful to other students.  Congratulations to Terese and the Baran family.





9 am- 2:30 pm for 2nd DAN and above

We will have regular class.

JAN. 13…TKD TOURNAMENT at Indian Valley YMCA 10 am- North Penn TKD host

JAN. 17…GUP TEST starts at 6 pm.

JAN. 22…BASIX CLASS from 6-7 pm featuring  FOLDING YOUR DOBUK

JAN. 25…LIGHTSABER NIGHT! from              6- 9:30 pm


9 am – 12:30 pm  for white belts on up!!


MARCH 8-9…TUL-A-THON for St. Judes


MAY 31, JUNE 1 & 2…2019 SPIRIT OF TKD SUMMER CAMP at Camp Innabah in Spring City, PA.