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This month’s DOJANG TOWN MEETING is Thursday, May 10. Starting at 5:55 pm, Master Cashatt gives a brief orientation for new students and parents- and reminds students of upcoming events. It is also a chance to voice questions, ideas or suggestions. 15 minutes in length.


Dear students, parents and friends,

I was at one of area Post Offices recently standing in line when the clerk called the customer “sir”. The customer looked to be around my age (late 50’s) and he looked behind and all around and said, “I thought you were talking to my dad!” Then the lady next in line (same generation) said, “ yes, I hate to be called ma’am, I’m not that old! I think they’re talking about my parents.”

My father would say sir and ma’am to folks when I was growing up. He was a marine and born during a time when proper protocol was respected. Those were the days when getting the paddle in school for misbehaving was common and it did make a point. I’m not saying that was the correct way of correcting bad behavior, but it did work in many cases. It was simply the way things were done. But then I believe my generation rebelled against all that growing up in the 60’s and 70’s. Now it is sad if people are offended by being called sir or ma’am!

Well that’s not going to stop me from saying it because it makes me feel good when I call someone sir or ma’am, even my youngest students. Age has nothing to do with addressing folks in such and formal and flattering manner. I believe calling someone sir or ma’am somehow puts them above us and humbles us. If we can handle every encounter with proper and respectful words, in most cases it becomes or stays a positive encounter. Treating someone better than you yourself expect to be treated will be traveling in the correct direction in making a more peaceful world.

I did address the clerk at the Post Office as Sir- then we both chuckled.

Respectfully submitted,

Mark Cashatt