Mark Cashatt's Taekwon-Do School, Inc.

This month's DOJANG TOWN MEETING is Monday, September 11, 2017.  Starting at 5:55 pm, Master Cashatt gives a brief orientation for new students and parents- and reminds students of upcoming events.  It is also a chance to voice questions, ideas or suggestions.  15 minutes in length.





               Almost every class, the student are asked "what is this week's password?"  We've been doing this since 2011 and usually 5% of the class, if that, knows the answer.  What does this tell us about our world?  Everything is at our fingertips and we all have so much to try and keep up- but as hard as it is to break a bad habit, good habits are easy to start. 

               Let's make an extra effort this month to check the password on a Sunday night or Monday daytime at, click on "Master's Password" and listen for the secret words and pay attention to the TKD tip of the week.  It could change your life and/or give you that little extra to get ahead.







               On Wednesday, September 6, 2017 students will have the opportunity to break wood boards in the 6-7 pm class.  Every week we have a designated plastic board breaking class so students can see if they are correctly performing their techniques.  Speed is the most important thing and next is aim!  A few times per year students get the opportunity to break wood boards.  Wood boards must be broken for all Black Belt tests and also to break OFFICIAL DOJANG BOARD BREAKING RECORDS.  Our dojang records are on a poster at the far end of the dojang and some date back to the 1990's.  Students should check the records they might attempt and also check to see if there is a favorite technique that is not listed to set a brand new record.

               All students are invited to sign up for boards.  A half board costs $1.50  and a whole board costs $3.  Students must sign up by Wednesday, September 6 in order to get a chance to break.  Students can ask an instructor for technique ideas.  Side piercing, turn kick and a hand technique is what is required for Black Belt. Each participant is allowed to attempt two different breaks.  Those testing for Black Belt within the next year can attempt all their required breaks.

               Students that are preparing for our November 11, 2017 Black Belt test may attempt all their breaks the next night, Thurs. September 7 between 7-8 pm.  These Black Belt test applicants should sign up for the amount of boards listed on the chart above the water cooler at the dojang. Test applicants should also ask their "board whisperer" to attend the 7-8 pm class with you if possible.







Every month Master Cashatt chooses a youth gup (color belt) who has shown outstanding characteristics in class.  Every student has a chance to be named once in their gup life.  In April every year Master Cashatt names the dojang’s youth “OUTSTANDING STUDENT OF THE YEAR” from the youth roster of the dojang.  This promotes a constant reminder for the kids to do their best!  This month Master Cashatt has chosen:




Kylie as been training at our dojang for 15 months and has earned the rank of Green Belt.  Kylie earned this award because of her perseverance in rising to the challenge of breaking boards for her last gup test.  Kylie's sweet personality doesn't break the boards, she had to reach deep down and give it all she's got!  Congratulation Kylie and to her family and friends!







               Our dojang has been known throughout the years for our public presentations of the art of Taekwon-Do.  We love to put on shows for our fellow citizens.  We have in the past put together a team of students who train every Monday night to put on shows and to become better at performing.  The team of students represents our dojang showing the benefits of our training.  The team members perform solo patterns and moves as well as pre-planned group routines.  Team members break boards, do self-defense and spar at these demonstrations.

               We would like to put together a formal team for the Autumn season starting Monday, September 18 until November 4, 2017.   The team would meet every Monday from 7-8 pm prepared to work hard. Team members must be Green Belt and above, any age.  Members must attend all training practices and shows.

               Master Cashatt, Mr. Schane and Mr. Hollenbach will be approaching students to invite them on the team but we also have a sign up list on the wall for those who would like to be a member.  You must be a Green Belt or above.  You must also have wonderful technique and a strong urge to perform.  If you sign up, you should be at our first practice Monday, September 18 at 7 pm.  We will be preparing for our "Opening Ceremonies" of our 2017  TUL JON-SA being held Saturday, November 4, 2017. 

               It takes commitment by the student and the parent (transportation) to be part of the team.  It is a wonderful learning experience.  Please talk to Master Cashatt with any questions.






               On Tuesday, September 12 we will have a GIRLS NIGHT OF TKD from 6-7 pm.  When we have one of these special nights, the gentlemen at our dojang must remember that if all the girls are on one side of the curtain, all the boys will be on the other side of the curtain.  Boys will get a special class as well. 

               When separating the class like this we can work on specific skills and hear some important knowledge that could help us in years to come. 

               The GIRLS NIGHT OF TKD this month will be lead by 2nd DAN Dina Gerhard.  Please sign up on the wall if you are a girl and if you are planning on coming.  We will end the night with some kind of competition between the girls and boys.







               On Saturday, September 9th we will be holding an Instructors Seminar from 8 AM to  noon at our dojang.

               All students 12 years old and over who are Green Belt and above, and all junior and senior Black Belts are invited to attend this free seminar with Master Cashatt.  We will be re-introducing our newest drills and technique changes as well as showing some new ideas for the first time.  We will be learning the newest ideas on how to teach and motivate our fine students.  We will be discussing the future of our dojang and hear ideas from all who attend.
              All students younger than 12 and/or under Green Belt can attend the seminar during the 9:30-10:30 AM slot where our Instructors will be going over Requirement Sheets and trying out new drills and procedures.  Students who attend this portion will surely help our Instructors to become better.

All students fitting the age and rank specifications should consider coming.  Teaching is part of TaeKwon-Do; in fact we’re teaching what we’ve learned through training in TaeKwon-Do every day!  In our daily dealings with others, our attitude and perseverance shine, and that can be considered a form of teaching.  Attending the seminar helps the students (instructors) improve their physical skills above and beyond normal classes.

Even if you don’t plan on helping out at classes, you can surely benefit from these 4 free hours of TaeKwon-Do.  Please sign up on the dojang wall if you’re coming.







On Wednesday, Sept. 21 from 6-7 PM we will have our annual dojang OPEN HOUSE.  Students will be encouraged to invite their friends and relatives to this informative presentation of Taekwon-Do, complete with demonstrations by all the students present. 

Students need not be nervous of being singled out- groups of students will perform at the same time. The open house will count as a regular class because the students will be performing which is a big part of their training.  As instructors, we tell the students to only use their Taekwon-Do practicing by themselves, or in the dojang or only as a last resort for self-defense.   At the open house, like an open house in regular school, parents, relatives and friends will see what the student has learned and what they do in Taekwon-Do class.

We are encouraging students to invite friends to train with them… it’s buddy night!  Our students will have a chance to teach their buddies saju-jirugi and some other simple techniques.  We have a “BUDDY NIGHT CONTEST!”   For each "Buddy" a student brings, the student will be able to enter a ticket in a raffle.  The winning ticket will be drawn at the end of the event and the prize is a $50 gift certificate for our dojang's store!  The winner can choose anything from our dojang store or from website to add up to $50!

  When choosing which friends to invite, try to consider whether TKD would do them good and that they could possibly become a student at our dojang.  We will put on our show and we will end with a big group game.  The regular 7-8 PM class will be held on that night.






Dan-Gun is the legendary founder of Korea and history believes his birthday to be Oct. 3, 2333 BC.  DAN-GUN is also a Taekwon-Do pattern learned at yellow belt level.  Ever since the year 1990, our dojang has held a celebration and competition for DAN-GUN DAY.  October 3 just happens to be on a Tuesday this year and it will start at 6 pm. 

The celebration includes the acting out of the legendary story of DAN-GUN followed by competition to find the year’s DAN-GUN champions.  Students who can compete must be yellow belt through Black Stripe.  Black Belts cannot compete.  Black Belts are the judges. 

There are four categories: adult division (age 20 and above), teenage (age 13-19), youth boy (age 12 and under) and youth girl (age 12 and under).  It usually works out that students on their way to Black Belt will get to compete in at least two Dan-Gun Days because this celebration is held only once a year, around October 3.   

After the competition we have a bit of a feast featuring food people might eat in Korea.  Families are invited to bring treats also. 

The event will start at 6 PM,  no regular class.  We will conclude by 7:15 pm when Tai Chi class starts at our dojang.  All students (including white belts) and their families are invited and encouraged to come.  This is a free event that helps the unity and friendships of our dojang. 

This year to offset the cost of the Kalbi (marinated beef ribs) which Mrs. Cashatt always makes for us, we will give attendees a chance to win a 50/50 raffle.  Our receptionist Miss Jane will be selling raffle tickets throughout the event.  The winner will be drawn at 7 pm.

Please sign up on the dojang wall if you plan on attending and list what you might bring as a treat, but it is not necessary to bring a treat.






               For the fifth year in a row we will be offering a PATTERN COMPETITION on Saturday, November 4 starting at 10 am.  This competition is for all students white belt through senior Black Belt and all ages of students who practice the patterns designed by General Choi Hong Hi. 

               We call this competition the TUL JON-SA which in Korean language means PATTERN CHAMPION.  We practice our patterns in every TKD class and here is a chance to see how your patterns stack up against other competitors on this day.

               We will separate competitors by age and rank in small divisions so everyone goes home with a medal.  We will be using "double elimination" which means even if a competitor loses one match, the competitor has a second chance to make it up to # 1.  Each division's 1st place winner will go on to a competition between all the other 1st place finishers until we have one TUL JON-SA for the GUP students (color belts) and one TUL JON-SA for the BLACK BELT students.

               Competitors need to brush up on all their patterns up to their rank because they may be called on to do any of them.

               We will present a 39 inch trophy to both the GUP and BLACK BELT TUL JON-SA!  There is a discount if you register before the date so make the commitment and start your training!




SEPT. 6...Wednesday, WOOD BOARD BREAKING from 6-7 pm.

SEPT. 6...DOJANG CONGRESS from 7:45-8:30 pm.

SEPT. 9...Saturday, INSTRUCTOR SEMINAR from 8 am to noon.

SEPT. 12...Tuesday, GIRLS NIGHT OF TKD from 6-7 pm

SEPT. 14...Thursday, GUP TEST starts at 6 pm

SEPT. 18....Monday, WARRIORS PRACTICE STARTS from 7-8 pm.

SEPT. 19....Tuesday, BASIX CLASS featuring Dodging from 6-7 pm

SEPT. 20...Wednesday, MASTER CLASS featuring Joong-gun from 7-8 pm for Blue Belts and up.

SEPT. 27...Wednesday, OPEN HOUSE- BUDDY NIGHT! from 6-7 pm

OCT. 3....Tuesday, DAN-GUN CELEBRATION from 6-7:15 pm

OCT. 5-8...UATW - Ultimate Adult TKD Weekend!

NOV. 4...2017 TUL JON-SA starts at 10 am.







Mark Cashatt's Taekwon-Do School, Inc.


This month's DOJANG TOWN MEETING is Thursday, August 10.  Starting at 5:55 pm, Master Cashatt gives a brief orientation for new students and parents- and reminds students of upcoming events.  It is also a chance to voice questions, ideas or suggestions.  15 minutes in length.





Dear students, parents and friends,

               There is a time and place for everything.  That is the idea behind good moral character and the constant effort to improve on one's self.  Self-control would be the tenet most represented by "a time and place for everything."  We have to be able to look ahead and plan ahead so that all important things fall in to place.  We have to use our self-control to know when to take action.  Proper planning can be aided by asking for advice.  If you are a student of our dojang, you had a plan when you started TKD even though you may not have known it.  Your plan was to get good at those martial moves.  Your plan was to have fun and do things most folks cannot do.  Your plan might have been to develop the power to break boards.  Your plan was to be able to defend yourself and to protect the ones you love. Your plan was to have fun with your family in an activity you can do together.  Whatever your plan was, you took the step at the correct time to start on that journey.

               I'm sure you have heard one of my speeches about my childhood.  I was always afraid of getting punched so I believe that is why I tried so hard to get along with everyone.  That fear that we might have of being clobbered can most times make us shy or reluctant to go out on the limb and try something different.  That fear can hold you back from coming close to your dreams.  As the years went by and I started training in TKD, I could see the value in the confidence gained.  It was always important to me to try not to let myself get a big head about it.  When I opened the dojang and started dealing with students of all ages and parents, it opened a whole new set of growth for me.  I have been told many times that I was "too nice", that I should watch out so people don't take advantage of me.  This advice has helped me know when I am being taken advantage of.  The trick is to learn the "time and place" of when to stand up for yourself.  We get that feeling when it has gone too far.  Many of us have a short fuse on our temper and our TKD training should help us to show self-control when a stressful situation arises.  If we can keep our cool to give ourselves a moment to react, we may be pleased we didn't go with our first reaction.  

               But when we feel we have been wronged, we should do something about it.  It can be direct or indirect.  We can use our stern body language and get to the point without degrading the other person if possible.  Can we make positive change without violence or bad manners? 

               We have to stand up for ourselves, and our friends and loved ones.  That pride in our friendships can make us lose our temper too.  It's one thing if someone wrongs me but a totally other thing if someone wrongs my children.  I have grown a somewhat harder shell over the years against getting my feelings hurt because when our feelings get hurt sometimes we say or do the wrong things. And then when it's a family member getting hurt, we must do what we can do and one thing is to council them in a calm manner.  Just like choosing the "correct time and place" to reach a goal or break a bad habit, we must try to come up with the best response or resolution to that hurtful situation.

               Even if we keep our calm and say and do the correct things, the other person may not take it so well.  That's another one of my personal attitude goals is to try not to bother anybody when not necessary.  Confrontations have always been difficult for me.  But knowing that if we do stand up for ourselves and handle situations properly and the person does get violent, we know we have a great game plan for self-defense.  That is priceless.  Isn't it priceless for our children to have that confidence and self-control?

               You might be able to think back to times in your life you wish you would have spoken up or straightened things out before they got too far.  Nobody is perfect.  All we can do is start fresh today and continue to work on our self-control.  There is a time and place for everything to make a more peaceful world.  I just wish everyone was trying their part to make a more peaceful world.   That is a big hope for our future.


Respectfully submitted,  Mark Cashatt







               That is correct!  Our own 5th DAN, Physics of Taekwon-Do expert, Mr. Phil Cerami will be leading his own ALL BELTS DAY CAMP from August 7 to 11, from 9 am to 3 pm daily. 

               Mr. Cerami has a wonderful way of helping us all understand the reasons why our style of martial arts is so powerful.  Mr. Cerami is a Physics and Chemistry teacher at Souderton Area High School so he has lots of experience in teaching our youth.  His creative approach is amazing and inspiring.   

               All facets of Taekwon-Do will be covered, just like our DAY CAMP in July except with a Mr. Cerami twist.

               Same credit will be given towards student's next promotion- attending all week will give them 20 class credits towards advancement.  That comes down to 4 class credits per day.  If a participant has attended the July DAY CAMP and/or the SPIRIT OF TKD SUMMER CAMP weekend- the cost will only be $210.  First camp for campers would cost $230.

               Please sign up on the dojang wall if you plan on coming!







Every month Master Cashatt chooses a youth gup (color belt) who has shown outstanding characteristics in class.  Every student has a chance to be named once in their gup life.  In April every year Master Cashatt names the dojang’s youth “OUTSTANDING STUDENT OF THE YEAR” from the youth roster of the dojang.  This promotes a constant reminder for the kids to do their best!  This month Master Cashatt has chosen: 

              GIOVANNI IERVOLINO                                   


Giovanni has been training at our dojang for 14 months and has earned the rank of GREEN BELT.  Giovanni earned this award for his perseverance and his willingness to ask questions while making corrections to improve his technique.  Congratulations to Giovanni and the Iervolino family.







               It is time for a tuition increase at our dojang.   Due to increased overhead costs such as insurance, our dojang is having problems making ends meet.  We are way below the National average of tuition for martial arts and we require the least amount for tuition of any martial arts in our area for what we offer, even after the tuition increase.

               As of September 1st our single family member monthly unlimited classes tuition will go up to $135 per month.  The "additional family members" along with our "10 class" and "20 class" packages will go up proportionally.  The management is sad to have to raise our tuition but it is necessary. 

               If you or your family have a real problem with the adjustment, please talk to Master Cashatt.  If you would like to take advantage of the old prices you can pay ahead (up to 6 months) as long as you make the payment before September 1st. 







               On Wednesday, Sept. 6 during the 6-7 pm class students will have the opportunity to break wood boards.  We have a designated class each week for practicing with the plastic re-breakable boards, but here's a chance to break the real thing.

               Whole boards cost $3 each and 1/2 boards cost $1.50.  Students must sign up on the dojang wall if they wish to have boards to break.  Students must sign up by Tuesday, September 5th.  Each participant can perform two different breaks.  Participants should increase the number of boards since the last time they had a chance to break.  If a student never did this before or cannot think of a technique to use, please ask an instructor.

               If a student would like to break one of our dojang's wood board breaking records, please make note on the sign up list.  The records are on a big poster board on the far right of the formal front of the dojang.  The dojang board breaking records can only be broken with real wood boards.

               For those students who are hopeful to test for Black Belt ranks in November 2017, your time to break is the following night, September 7 in a special class with Master Cashatt from 7-8 pm.  These students must sign up for boards as well. 





General Choi Named Patterns After Famous Korean Leaders


               One of the patterns in Choong-moo, the pattern a student learns to earn their 1st Degree Black Belt.  Choong-moo is the name given to Admiral Yi Soon-Sin, one of the most famous Admirals of all time.  He came up a few lists that are shared below:















































AUG. 2...DOJANG CONGRESS from 7:45-8:30 pm for all students and parents.

AUG. 3....FREE SELF-DEFENSE for all citizens from 6-7 pm.

AUG. 7-11...MR. CERAMI'S ALL BELTS DAY CAMP from 9 am to 3 pm daily.

AUG. 16...MASTER CLASS featuring TOI-GYE from 7-8 pm for all Red Stripes and above

AUG. 24...GUP TEST starts at 6 pm.

AUG. 29....BASIX CLASS from 6-7 pm featuring Twisting Kick, Straight Kick and 2 Directional Kick


SEPT. 6...WOOD BOARD BREAKING from 6-7 pm- students must sign up for boards by Sept. 5

SEPT. 9...INSTRUCTORS SEMINAR from 8 am to noon.










Mark Cashatt's Taekwon-Do School, Inc. 


This month's DOJANG TOWN MEETING is Wednesday, July 12.  Starting at 5:55 pm, Master Cashatt gives a brief orientation for new students and parents- and reminds students of upcoming events.  It is also a chance to voice questions, ideas or suggestions.  15 minutes in length.




Taekwon students, parents and friends,

               Many years ago my family decided to invite all our relatives to the dojang for a picnic which included a self-defense lesson.  All my cousins and closest friends came and we had a massive group of folks having fun with the "dirty half dozen" and the "frontal five".  Ever since that day whenever I see some of my cousins, they remind me of that fun day and usually they want a brief recollection of those routines.  It is something we all talk about doing again.

               One of the questions I sometimes ask a public audience is "do you have a martial artist in the family?"  Many hands usually go up saying "yea my Uncle Joe is a Black Belt" or "my cousin Sarah competed in championships".   We as martial artist might get that label of the "martial artist of the family".  Every time we see relatives and friends we don't often see they ask, "are you still doing that karate?"  We are told there are only three times we should use our Taekwon-Do training.  One is for pure self-defense against a person who means to hurt you.  Second is when we practice in the dojang and third, when we are alone practicing as not to injure friends watching. 

               Well here comes our chance to make a historic moment for your family tree!  This would be the time to show them what you know and perhaps what you teach your relatives could someday save their lives or lives of others!                Friday, July 28 at our dojang- doors open at 6 pm and at 6:30 pm we will have a "COUSINS SELF-DEFENSE PARTY!"  Your relatives know you take Taekwon-Do.  This is not a promotion to get more students- this is a time for you to give back to your cousins and friends.  I would like you to invite all your cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends you already brought for some of our other events, close friends that might live a bit far away.  Your family/friend group will stay together with your guidance and the help of our instructors- you will give them all a "game plan against bad guys!"  I'll lead us through every step and we'll have fun with training until around 7:15 pm- then we'll have some snacks together....all our families.

               We realize 6 pm might be a bit early for some of our cousins to find our dojang- that's why we have a 6:30 official start.  The half hour from 6-6:30 pm will be time to catch up with your cousins before we start training.

               Your "cousins" should wear loose fitting play clothes and sneakers.  Students can wear their regular play clothes or their dobuk.  It is up to the student.  We will put a sign up list so you can list your approximate number of participants from your group and to see if you might bring a treat we can all share. 

               Please contact me with any questions about this family event.  It will be fun and educational and it will be a time your cousins, family and friends will never forget.


Thanks,   Mark Cashatt




JULY 17-21


               Mark Cashatt’s Taekwon-Do School, Inc. holds one week-long day camp a year during the summer and the next one is coming up this month.

               Monday,  July 17 just before 9 am, students can be dropped off for a day of TKD training and fun.  Participants are dismissed at 3 pm.  We will continue this schedule for the whole week ending Friday, July 21.

               All students age 7 up through adult, white belt through senior Black Belt are invited.  We will be busy and we will have a wonderful time!  Master Cashatt will be leading the camp mixing the harder parts of TKD with our fun games and drills.  Our lunch break gives the participant time to eat their lunch, followed by time for study of the knowledge needed for their requirement sheets.  A student can get up to 20 class credits towards their next promotion by attending camp (gup students need between 30-40 to test). 

               Students will have chances throughout the week to work on their requirement sheets.  If the student gets their sheet signed off