Mark Cashatt's Taekwon-Do School, Inc.

This month's DOJANG TOWN MEETING is Wednesday, July 10.  Starting at 5:55 pm, Master Cashatt gives a brief orientation for new students and parents- and reminds students of upcoming events.  It is also a chance to voice questions, ideas or suggestions.  15 minutes in length.







Dear students, parents and friends,

               Taekwon-Do is about repetition and the constant strife to improve our techniques and our character.  This means consistent practice day in and day out whether it's in the dojang with the physical chance of improving, or out in the real world with the chance to work on our self-control and positive influences.

               Summer at the dojang means sweating.  On one of the hot days in June one of our young students came to me before lining up saying, "I'm all wet sir, am I alright, should I take class?"  It seemed this student may not have perspired too often in the past.  We do sweat and it is good for our bodies.  Just as important is drinking lots of water.  Sure we may have to go to the restroom more often but the water rids our body of toxins and keeps our body hydrated.  Drinking water also gives you energy during these hot summer months. 

               The dojang is one of the only places that does not have air conditioning.   I could say we never got air conditioning to condition our students, but it's just a big drafty warehouse not sealed enough for AC.  We have to think of it as a preparation type of conditioning so we are ready to act in any emergency.

               I can only imagine the difficulty our students might have on these warm nights to "not go to TKD class" but that is when the "test" occurs.  If the student pushes past those impulses, most attractive impulses of resting and comfort for sweating and pushing, it's a tough decision.  We all experience the good feeling after the pushing through and working out concludes for that day.  It's worth the effort.  If that effort is tested time after time we train ourselves to push through anything and it gives us that power for all future endeavors.

               Now for our parents.  What do you do when your child doesn't want to attend class on any particular night?  Well, we can start with all I've wrote so far.  We can remind them they will be so happy they attended once it's over.  We can remind them of getting enough classes to be promoted.  We can give them examples of when we were going through a tough time when our perseverance was tested.  I doesn't matter whether the story you share has a good ending or a ending which includes wishing we would have stuck it out.  An answer I really like is, attend classes with your child.  Then you can push each other.  Sometimes unfortunately we give in to our child's request to not attend that night because we have something we'd rather do or we'd rather just stay home.  Please continue to help me set a strong example of the benefits of perseverance.

               Taekwon-Do training is a lot of fun for all of us.  There are so many choices of physical activity in the world these days but our training is physical and mental.  Our training strengthens our body and our minds.  Many benefits of training cannot be realized for years down the road.  We've had over 3000 folks come through our dojang doors in the past 30 years and Taekwon-Do has changed every one of them in some positive way. 

               So the next time you say or hear "don't wanna go to class tonight", think of it as another small test and another chance to conquer that feeling!


Respectfully submitted,

Mark Cashatt







JULY 23-27


               Mark Cashatt’s Taekwon-Do School, Inc. holds one week-long day camp a year during the summer and the next one is coming up this month.

               Monday,  July 23 just before 9 am, students can be dropped off for a day of TKD training and fun.  Participants are dismissed at 3 pm.  We will continue this schedule for the whole week ending Friday, July 27.

               All students age 7 up through adult, white belt through senior Black Belt are invited.  We will be busy and we will have a wonderful time!  Master Cashatt will be leading the camp mixing the harder parts of TKD with our fun games and drills.  Our lunch break gives the participant time to eat their lunch, followed by time for study of the knowledge needed for their requirement sheets.  A student can get up to 20 class credits towards their next promotion by attending camp (gup students need between 30-40 to test). 

               Students will have chances throughout the week to work on their requirement sheets.  If the student gets their sheet signed off- they will receive an interim white stripe on their belts which will signify that they may start to learn material for the next belt.  We do have a gup test scheduled for the final day’s evening at 6 pm.  Once a student gets their white stripe, the additional classes gained at camp will go towards that next promotion.                     

Participants will train outdoors as well as indoors.  There will be a couple of hikes planned for the week.  What can be better than leading the TKD training life for a week!  Vacations are a time to indulge and this will be a fantastic vacation in deed. 

               Deadline to sign up is Thursday, July 14.  The camp costs $230 for the first family member and $210 for each additional family member.  If the participant attended our 2017 Spirit of TKD weekend camp, their charge will be $210 for the week.  Participants can also pay $60 per day.  However, in order to attend Friday day camp, a student must attend another entire day during the week.  Friday we hike to Souderton Community Pool.  We work out in the park and eat lunch across the street until 1 pm, then we go to the pool for an afternoon of swimming.  Some students might want to come just for our fun Friday but in order to do so, another week day must be attended.  Friday is our reward for all the hard work during the week.





Every month Master Cashatt chooses a youth gup (color belt) who has shown outstanding characteristics in class.  Every student has a chance to be named once in their gup life.  In April every year Master Cashatt names the dojang’s youth “OUTSTANDING STUDENT OF THE YEAR” from the youth roster of the dojang.  This promotes a constant reminder for the kids to do their best!  This month Master Cashatt has chosen: 




               Gray has been training at our dojang for over 15 months now.  He has earned the rank of Green Belt.  The award goes to Gray this month because of his improvement with his positive attitude when it comes to his Taekwon-Do training.  He shows more confidence than when he started and is showing improvements every month.  We should all strive to improve as Gray does.  Congratulations to Gray and the Forsythe family.







               We have a very limited supply of our Official Dojang summer T-shirt so please purchase yours as soon as possible!  The cost is $18 but mention the code words "I read the July 2018  KIAP!" and get a t-shirt for $13!  That's $5 off.  This is a special offer just to see how many people actually read our KIAP! newsletter. Offer expires July 31, 2018.

               The back design was created by the Musselman family and the front left chest is to commemorate this is the 30th year of our dojang's existence!  We are planning a big dojang Birthday Party for Wednesday,

Nov. 7.  Don't miss it!!





               Four times a year, Mark Cashatt’s TaeKwon-Do School, Inc. is required to clean up their adopted portion of Route 113 from Schoolhouse Road to Allentown Road.  For those of us who travel that route a lot, we can see that the roadway needs our attention.

               When we do community service like this we learn many lessons.  To do something for the reward of personal satisfaction is one thing, but when it’s a kind and generous gesture that helps everyone, it is even more special.  To do something that is not exactly easy and a little yucky, like picking up trash, makes us realize how important each one of us is as far as doing our part to help the world.   We also learn that cigarette smokers throw their cigarette butts out the window!!  Bending over, picking up trash and walking the mile are challenges, too. These challenges help our kids realize hard work is worth it. 

On Saturday, July 28 all students and their families can meet at the Franconia Heritage Restaurant parking lot at 7:30 AM.  Please come with boots or good shoes and a willingness to pick up trash and help beautify our community.  A parent should accompany all children under 12.  Our clean up should be over by 9 AM.

               We will supply the gloves and trash bags.  Please sign up on the dojang bulletin board if you plan on coming.






               Black Belts Richard Hollenbach III (Ricky) and Richard Hollenbach II, two fine students and instructors from our dojang have earned a spot on Team USA!

               Last February the men competed in the United States Qualifying Championships in Ohio.  Ricky Hollenbach will be representing our dojang and the USA in Men's Patterns and Power Breaking and Rich Hollenbach qualified in Senior Men's Patterns.  Also earning National Championship status was our Black Belt Destiny Bush in Patterns, Sparring and Specialty Technique.

                    This will be the 6th ITF World Championship for the Hollenbach men.  Ricky received a gold medal in Canada in   2012 for the Jr. boys team power breaking and Rich received a bronze medal in England for the 2016  Sr. men V Dan patterns.

               The Hollenbach family and other National Champions from our dojang attended the  2007 World Championship in Birmingham, England, South Korea in 2010, Canada in 2012,  Italy in 2014 and Brighton, England in 2016.  This year, July 28 through August 4, the Hollenbachs will be in Argentina with Black Belt Gary Apgar attending as an umpire and a coach.  We wish them good luck and send with them the pride of our students.

               Our dojang will have a special night in August when we get to celebrate our Champions, hear stories and see video and pictures of our students in Argentina 2018!




JULY 11....Wednesday, DOJANG TOWN MEETING starts at 5:55 pm. Orientation for new students and parents.

JULY 18...MASTER CLASS from 7-8 pm featuring CHOONG-JANG from 7-8 pm

JULY 23-27....2017 ALL BELTS TKD DAY CAMP from 9 am to 3 pm daily.

JULY 27...GUP TEST starts at 6 pm.

JULY 28...HIGHWAY CLEAN-UP starts at 7:30 am



SEPT. 27-30...2018 UATW- we reserved Camp Oak Hill in Nottingham PA. 

OCTOBER 17... Wednesday, 2018 DOJANG TRIVIA BOWL




NOVEMBER 10...2018 TUL JON-SA (Pattern Competition)






Mark Cashatt's Taekwon-Do School, Inc.

This month's DOJANG TOWN MEETING is Monday, June 11.  Starting at 5:55 pm, Master Cashatt gives a brief orientation for new students and parents- and reminds students of upcoming events.  It is also a chance to voice questions, ideas or suggestions.  15 minutes in length.





 For the 24th year, Mark Cashatt’s TaeKwon-Do School, Inc. will be hosting a weekend TaeKwon-Do summer camp!!  This year’s weekend camp will be held at Camp Innabah in Spring City, PA, just south of Pottstown.

This event will be held June 15, 16 & 17.   The camp is for all students White Belt through Black Belt, ages 7 and up through adults.  Students age 7 must have special permission from their instructor to attend.

The weekend starts Friday, June 15 with a workout starting at 7 PM.  Participants can arrive any time after 5 PM.  The Friday night workout lasts until about 9:30 PM.  We then get settled into our lodges.  We will be in relative comfort with carpeting and air conditioned rooms that sleep 4-10 people.  Participants can request to be in a room with their friends or fellow students from the dojang.  The meals at Camp Innabah are amazing also.  Each meal has many choices and we can eat as much as we please!

               Saturday’s activities will always be a little different than other years as we always try new ideas and adventures.   We have acres of open fields and we have a modern gymnasium.  This camp also has a pool and a place to canoe for our free time late Saturday afternoon. 

Our Saturday supper is a “Dress-Up Supper” where campers dress wacky, and/or strange, in Halloween type costumes or something creative to be judged for awards.  After supper, we have some kind of trivia scavenger hunt followed by some kind of talent/no-talent show.  Lights out for the kids is 11 PM.

               Sunday morning we have our “Friendship Breakfast” celebrating all our new found friends from this camp.  We have a morning workout with a great group send-off.  Then, our “Spring Board Lunch” which gives us a big jump in our TaeKwon-Do training for the summer to come!

               This summer camp weekend is another brilliant opportunity to enjoy the art and the passion of TaeKwon-Do.  From the moment the student arrives Friday until Sunday’s dismissal, there will be nothing for that student to worry about, or be responsible for, other than doing TaeKwon-Do, making new friends, spending time with old friends, and having a great time.  We named the camp “Spirit of TaeKwon-Do” because that’s exactly what the student will be getting.  We will all be observing the five tenets in a very positive, family oriented environment that is uncommon for anywhere else.  Come and feel the spirit and keep the memories with you throughout the years as you grow in TaeKwon-Do!

               The camp costs $240 for the first family member and $225 for each additional family member.

               There is a chance of going to summer camp weekend for free!  The William Clarke Memorial Fund sends up to four students to summer camp by way of a 500 word essay.  A special panel reads all the entries and names the winners.   Pick up more information at the dojang or contact Master Cashatt at






               Our dobuks are supposed to have our dojang patch sewn on the left pocket area (when wearing uniform jacket).  It is part of the pride and support of our dojang and its instructors.  For the month of June our dojang patches (regularly $6.13 plus tax, $6.50) will be discounted to $5 plus tax ($5.30).  This is also a great chance to have the student do the sewing.  The art of sewing can come in handy in so many ways in their future and it has been part of martial art curriculum since before the Hwa-rang Warriors, who also learned how to sew.

               Also our official summer dojang t-shirt is now on sale while supplies last.  The art design came from Colton Musselman during our contest back in April.  The t-shirts will be sold for $18.

               Our dojang allows students to wear

 t-shirts instead of the dobuk jacket from June 1 through October 1, 2018.  Any t-shirt can be worn- but it's always good to support your dojang by putting this new t-shirt in your rotation. 





 Every month Master Cashatt chooses a youth gup (color belt) who has shown outstanding characteristics in class.  Every student has a chance to be named once in their gup life.  In April every year Master Cashatt names the dojang’s youth “OUTSTANDING STUDENT OF THE YEAR” from the youth roster of the dojang.  This promotes a constant reminder for the kids to do their best!  This month Master Cashatt has chosen:




Aaron has been training at our dojang since February of 2017 and has earned the rank of Yellow Belt Green Stripe.  Aaron has earned this award by showing his perseverance, after missing a bunch of classes he has come back stronger than ever and willing to learn and practice.  Aaron also displays lots of courtesy in his dealings with others at the dojang.  Congratulations to Aaron and his family.






               Every Monday in June from 6-6:45 pm Master Cashatt will lead a family self-defense with Taekwon-Do structure for new families, and our present families.  The class will be geared towards beginners and there is a $15 per family charge but our student's families can attend for free.

               Please pass this news of this special class to your friends and acquaintance families who might benefit by doing such a family activity.





               With the warm months coming and the fact that school is not in session we change our schedule slightly.  Knowing the dojang has no cold air conditioning, we cancel the 4-5 pm class on Thursday afternoon however we do have a morning class Wednesdays from 9-10 am.  This morning class actually goes on year-round, geared towards adults and home school children. 





               Master Cashatt leads this camp from July 23 through July 27.

               Students can be dropped off at the dojang for a 9 am start to a weeklong camp featuring Taekwon-Do.  All students age 7 up through adults, from White Belt through senior Black Belts can attend.  Participants will get 5 hours of training a day plus an hour for lunch and study of required knowledge.  Participants can be picked up at 3 pm daily, Monday through Friday.  In the meantime, students will work on techniques needed for their next promotion.  All the discipline and hard work will be mixed in with TKD games and drills.

               Participants will get up to 20 class credits for attending all week.  (color belt) Students need between 30 and 40 to test. If during the week the student gets their requirement sheet signed off- they get an “interim” stripe of white- to prove they are ready for their test.  At that time they will start to learn their new pattern and new material towards the next promotion.  So in doing it this way, no student loses any time for their extra hard work attending camp.  Please talk to Master Cashatt for more clarification as it might pertain to your child or yourself.

               Students must bring/wear dobuk, sneakers, sparring gear (if they have a set), their own lunch and favorite refreshing drink. 

               It is possible for students to attend one or more days of camp if they cannot stay the whole week.  But enduring all the training and fun throughout the week is needed for the full effect of such a worthy challenge. 

               ALL BELTS DAY CAMP costs $240 for first family member, $225 for each additional family member.  Participants can also pay $60 per day.


JULY 23-27, 2018 BE THERE!!






               In May we celebrated Mothers Day with an hour of self-defense.  We also gave moms the opportunity to start their Taekwon-Do training with 2 FREE MONTHS to see if it is something they could do.

               As parents, our most important job is in helping our children.  We wrap our whole lives around raising our children as we see fit and many times that means giving up our own hobbies and passions.  Parents have to come to the dojang anyway, why don't parents use the time wisely and reach goals and levels they never dreamed of.   And in doing so, they create a mutual bond with the children.  Taekwon-Do isn't just something their children do, it's a family activity with so many positive benefits.  Can you imagine the thrill your child will have growing in Taekwon-Do aside their parent(s).

               In honor of FATHER'S DAY Sunday, June 17, the following Wednesday, June 20 from 6-7 pm students and the fathers will have a chance to work on breaking plastic boards together! 

               Fathers will have simple instruction in breaking boards with their hands and/or feet and with the help of their children, will get to break as many times as we can within an hour time.  Please sign up on the dojang wall if you plan on attending.




As a gift of appreciation to all the fathers involved with our dojang, we would like to offer TWO FREE MONTHS of TKD to any dad who has never signed up before!  Offer expires so fathers must start their two months before     June 30, 2018.







We must know by June 28th!


               On Saturday, July 28 we have a dynamic Taekwon-Do family day planned!  For many years now our dojang has gone to Bethlehem to watch the LEHIGH VALLEY IRON PIGS baseball team.  We have 100 tickets to sell for that July 28th game when the IRON PIGS face the Colorado Clippers.  It is held at Coca-Cola Park in Bethlehem.  The game starts at 6:35 PM and a firework display follows at the conclusion of play.  The tickets for the game cost $11, however; with each ticket comes a $2 food coupon to use that night!  Anyone under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or adult supervisor. 

               Most folks drive directly to the venue so if you need a ride, check our sign-up list and ask a friend if they mind you traveling with them.

               Deadline to sign up is June 28, 2018.  We need to know a month ahead of time so we can return unwanted tickets.  Student can invite their whole family and grandparents too!  Sign up on the dojang wall or call Master Cashatt.          





JUNE 11...DOJANG TOWN MEETING starts at 5:55 pm.  Orientation for students and parents.

JUNE 13...WEDNESDAY MORNING CLASS 9-10 am replaces Thursday 4-5 pm class for the summer.

JUNE 15-17...our 2018 SPIRIT OF TKD SUMMER CAMP at Camp Innabah.


JUNE 21....GUP TEST starts at 6 pm.

JULY 23-27...ALL BELTS DAY CAMP from 9 am to 3 pm daily.


SEPT. 27-30...2018 UATW (Ultimate Adult Taekwon-Do Weekend) at Camp Oak Hill in Nottingham PA


NOVEMBER 10...2018 TUL JON-SA (Pattern Competition) at our dojang.